Bees and Beans



It all started when…

Bees and Beans was founded in 2010 by Faith Dionne, a classically trained pastry chef. A mother of two, she decided it was time to utilize the paradise of ingredients in Portland, Oregon to create something truly special. Faith set out to reconstruct the classic candy bar replacing candy coating with domestic dark chocolate, local honey eliminated the need for corn syrup and only the finest regional nuts, butter and sea salts. Faith shared her love of quality local ingredients with her first creation the Honey Bar, which then became the Honey Bar Jr. and Honey Bar Reserve. She developed numerous amazing recipes for delectable candy bars that elevate candy from years past. In 2016, she started a new passion project JAZ Spirits. Now making locally sourced spirits, she continues to bring the best of the Pacific Northwest to everything she does.

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Faith Dionne, Founder of Bees & Beans and JAZ Spirits

Faith Dionne, Founder of Bees & Beans and JAZ Spirits

Bees & Beans Now…

After doing production for almost a year, Andrea Marks took over in late 2016 and is now the Queen Bee running every aspect of the company. While she was trained as an elementary school teacher, her true passion was baking and candy making.  She loves using local ingredients and featuring local honey in her PNW based candy bars. For years, she would make huge Christmas baskets focused on chocolates, candies an cookies for everyone. After teaching for 8 years, she decided to go back to school and get back to her passion of baking. She was a baker at a local bakery for a year then started working at Bees & Beans. Less than a year after taking over the company, she opened our first production location with a small store front. She loves making candy bars and is always looking to expand the product line.  When she is not making delicious treats, Andrea enjoys spending time with her fur babies and attending hockey games!